Monday, September 29, 2008

Defending 1st Place

This weekend that guy and I went out to K1TTT's station in Massachusetts to help operate during the CQ RTTY contest. If anyone is into contesting you would know who K1TTT is and understand that now I am on my way to being kinda well known! Well that is if I continue doing contests.

So about his amazing station and lovely antenna farm. He has several operating positions set up in his station, each for a different band. Each position is equipped with a Yaesu 1000, or Kenwood TS 2000, both very cute radios (more about that on an upcoming post) amps, antenna rotators, etc. Basically you name it, the station had it.

I had never ever done RTTY before so I was overwhelmed with the thought of using RTTY for the first time in a contest to help defend their 1st place win from last year. I quickly learned I had nothing to worry about because it is pretty easy to opporate, and easy to learn especially when you have hams that are great at explaining it.

Once I got a crash course on RTTY, I was put on 15m. It was pretty dead, only a few contacts per hour, but it was good to start slow. Then it was over to 10m which was even slower, then when I thought it couldn't get any slower I went over to 20m, where I was lucky if I got 1 contact per hour. I sat there for a few hours searching the whole band just for that one station that might be out there. Apparently some hams were quite impressed with my persistance and dedication (on dead bands) because I was given the opportunity to opporate on 80m in the middle of the night when the band was open and stations were calling at rapid speeds! It was insane.

At 2am it was time to get some zzzz's in, then back up and and got on 20m at 8am. Thatguy rocked a rate of 150 contacts / hour on 20m when the band opened up to Europe (around 6am) which I am sad I slept through, but way to go babe :-)

Where was I know??

Oh yes

The Antenna Farm.

I am not sure what bands these antennas were for, but he had 10 towers all around that size (70ish - 170ish feet tall).. yes folks--- t-e-n.

Oh how I would LOVE to have an antenna farm and a lovely shack like that. Yes it would be oh so lovely!!

On a completely different topic this was the scenery just outside of his house. How beautiful.

And yes there are really moose that live near K1TTT's. Sadly we didn't see any. That's ok I probably would have screamed because well they weigh like 12 times as much as me. Thanks hunny for driving REALLY slow the whole way down that lonngggg road so we could find this sign, turning around after we passed it, and then stopping in the middle of the road, getting out of the car where a large moose could have potentially come out and attacked you, and took a picture of the moosey sign. Yup that's love.

On our way out of Mass., I saw an Irish Pub. I spot me Guiness anywhere!

For more information on our contest results go here. That's where I become famous well known because my callsign KC2PNE is listed on the web for all other die hard hams to see.

Anyways I want to thank K1TTT for his generosity along with all the other hams for their patience while I learned RTTY. I hope to contest with all of you again sometime. It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the wonderful world of ham radio that I will never forget!


bentownsend said...

I am not sure "famous" is the word you are looking for... Maybe more like well known, and respected for your skills and what not. I think what you are looking for is for someone to recognize you as, hey your that woman contester that won that contest last month.

sarahliz said...

Taken into account. It has been changed. Oh and you should write your post about our weekend!!

bentownsend said...

yeah, it needs more thought, you pretty much wrote the post I was going to write, and since I have to do better at everything than you..... my post will be coming soon.

Joe KM1P said...

Yes, we were impressed Sarah! After driving 4 hours and listening to dead bands for as long as you did, it was clear that you were ready for some action.

I think I have decided that RTTY is a great mode to train contesters. Unlike phone and CW, the computer does most of the listening, allowing the operators to discuss strategy and tactics etc.

I sure hope to meet you and Ben at another multiop sometime.

ka3drr said...


There is nothing like the thrill of operating from a station like K1TTT. And the friendship and bonds that follow are beyond there weight in gold.

Thank you for an insightful and well-written posting into the generosity of K1TTT. And the team's dedication to the science and art of RadioSport.

Have ham radio fun and contest on!

Scot, KA3DRR